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Experience? Professional knowledge? Or perhaps quality and reliability? Whatever you are looking for, you can rely on Bothof Translations. With a track record of more than 40 years of quality translation services, a loyal client base and an extensive international network of translators, you can be assured of receiving the translation that you need.

Translation agency for all fields

Every field has its own specific terminology. That is why we will only assign your text to translators who are familiar with your field. At Bothof Translations, our fields of expertise have for many years included technical, legal, financial, agricultural and medical translations. You have also come to the right place at Bothof for the translation of your website.

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A professional writer will convert your message into an effective text by acquiring in-depth knowledge of your product or service, your target group and the image of your organisation. Our copywriters write appealing texts for all your marketing and sales purposes, such as websites, brochures and annual reports.

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Interpreting services

Do you need an interpreter? Bothof Translations provides interpreting services for every occasion, from a one-on-one conversation with just two discussion partners to international congresses with speakers in many languages. We always select the most suitable interpreter for you based on language and situation.

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Why Bothof translations?

Bothof Translations was one of the first translation agencies for professional translations in the Netherlands. This is reflected in our highly flexible service, our streamlined processes and our excellent translations. Our quality management system is ISO certified and our translation procedures comply with the international standard ISO 17100.