Marketing translation

Do you want to reach more people with a website which is also available in other languages? Or make your blogs more easily accessible for foreign clients? Perhaps you have set up an entire international marketing strategy to extend your reach?

For all these aspirations, you naturally need good translations. At Bothof Translations, we offer marketing translations in nearly every language, not only delivering a translation, but also a text which expresses the right feeling. We help you be successful internationally with translations that have the same promotional appeal as the original text.

Marketing translations must feel right

A marketing translation is different from a translation of a technical manual or a legal text, for example. In those translations, the text is translated extremely precisely to another language. In marketing texts, however, besides factual accuracy, persuasiveness and the ‘feel’ of the message are important.

Retaining the same persuasiveness in a marketing translation is a skill. Feel for language and culture plays a big role in these translations. What works well in one language may not have the desired effect in another. A good marketing translation involves more than just translating.


We can also work with SEO or search engine optimisation. If the original text is written with SEO terms in mind, we can ensure that the same SEO terms are included in the translated text. If necessary, you can give us a list of SEO terms which we will then use in the translations.

More effect with extra copywriting

In each translation, the text is naturally adapted to the target group, corporate identity and local market. A reference to the Eiffel Tower in a French text then becomes Big Ben in an English text, for example. In a translation with copywriting, however, the translation process goes a step further.

In a translation with copywriting (a copy translation), the text is first translated by an experienced translator. A copywriter then works on the text. The original text is put aside, and the copywriter rewrites the text so that it reflects the language and culture of the country in which it will be used. The result is a natural, easy-to-read text that feels as if it has been written in the target language.

Here is a good example of a translation and a copy translation. This text was originally written in Dutch. The text was then translated into English, and finally the English text was rewritten by an English copywriter.

The original text

We gaan in 2015 twee kanten op. Aan de ene kant zijn we nostalgisch. We kijken naar het verleden, op zoek naar dingen die we in het heden kunnen gebruiken. Dingen waarmee we de balans kunnen vinden in ons hectische, over-geïnformeerde dagelijkse leven. We zoeken naar authenticiteit, menselijk contact en echte emotie. Dit uit zich in een verlangen naar meer ‘aanraakbare’ stoffen die prettig aanvoelen. Dit kenmerk is doorgevoerd in de volledig nieuwe reeks en sommige seizoensgebonden kleurstellingen.

Aan de andere kant omarmen en integreren we geavanceerde technologie in onze dagelijkse bezigheden. We zijn dag en nacht verbonden met de rest van de wereld en we willen dat alles in een oogwenk gebeurt. Onze digitale manier van leven heeft een impact op onze grafische taal en op de kleuren en patronen die we aantrekkelijk vinden. Deze trend wordt weerspiegeld in nieuwe zwarte kleurstellingen en in sommige van onze seizoensgebonden kleurstellingen.

The translation

There are two main streams for 2015. On one hand we are quite nostalgic. We search the past for things that we can use in the present, things that enable us to find balance in our hectic, overly informed daily lives. We look for authenticity, human contact and real emotion. This translates into a desire for more tactile fabrics which is a characteristic that we have introduced in the whole new range and some seasonal colour points.

On the other hand we are embracing and integrating advanced technology in our daily activities. We are connected 24/7 with the rest of the world and we want everything in a blink of an eye. Our digital lifestyle has an impact on our graphic language and on the colours and patterns that we appreciate. This trend is reflected in new black colour points and some of our seasonal colour points.

The copy translation:

In 2015, there are two main streams. On one hand, we are nostalgic. We search the past for things we can use in the present, things that help us find balance in our busy, overly informed daily lives. We seek authenticity, human contact and real emotion. This translates into a desire for more tactile fabrics, with a nice feel. We have introduced this feature throughout the new range and added some seasonal colourways.

On the other hand, we are embracing advanced technology and incorporating it in our daily activities. We are connected 24/7 with the rest of the world, and we want everything now. Our digital lifestyle influences our graphic language, and the colours and patterns that appeal to us. This trend is reflected in new black colourways and in some of our seasonal colour points.

Always on-time delivery

The marketing world is dynamic, has short lead times and there is a need to access international content fast. At Bothof Translations, we help you achieve that. Our project management is flexible, so that we can deliver your translation when you need it. You know that we will deliver your translation on time. Furthermore, we are always personally involved in the process, so that we know your wishes and can meet your expectations.

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Obviously, you want all your marketing communications translated well and to have the same power as the original. Bothof Translations has the experience and expertise to deliver excellent translations of your marketing communications. We therefore have your marketing texts translated by translators with experience in the marketing world.

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