Who will you assign to write your marketing and sales texts? In many organisations, the texts for websites, brochures and other forms of commercial publication are written by a product specialist or an account manager. However, once you start working with a professional copywriter you will immediately see the difference.

The professional persuaders at Bothof

Copywriting is a profession. The copywriters at Bothof Translations understand that profession. They know how to motivate your target group. They write attractive, readable texts that are compatible with the readers’ perceptions. The benefits of your product or service are clearly brought to their attention. A clear call to action ensures that the text actually has effect.

Copywriting begins by asking questions

Before our copywriter starts writing, he or she will have an extensive briefing with you. What makes your organisation special? What are the USPs (Unique Selling Points) of your product or service? What makes your target group enthusiastic? What style and tone of voice do you prefer? This briefing will provide the copywriter with answers to these and other questions.

Highlighting your message

After the briefing the writing can begin. The writing process will take place in two stages (unless otherwise agreed with you). Our copywriter will write an initial version of the text based on the briefing. This will be submitted to you for your review. Based on your feedback of the text, the copywriter will write a second version. Finally, the text will be checked and, where necessary, corrected by one of our reviewers.
The result? An attractive, fluent text fully tailored to your target group, which gives a good, positive image of your organisation and your product or service.

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Would you like to know more about copywriting and other writing services of Bothof Translations? Please contact one of our account managers. They will be happy to tell you more.

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  • > Over 40 years of experience
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  • > Combine translation and writing
  • > ISO 9001 and 17100 certified

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