Technical translation

Do you work with technical reports, instruction material or product specifications? And do you need these documents in a different language? In that case, you need a technical translation by a specialist translator.

Technical documents often use terminology that needs to be correctly translated. For that reason, Bothof Translations works exclusively with technical translators with a proven knowledge of at least one technical field.

What is technical translation?

Technical translation is the translation of technical texts like manuals, instructions or technical reports. These documents often explain how something works or how to operate something. Other technical texts might include:

    • Instruction material
    • Manuals and work instructions
    • Product specifications
    • Software documentation
    • Brochures
    • Transport documents
    • Computer programs


All these texts are very specialist and need to be translated by translators who understand the subject matter. Technical translation is therefore rightly described as a specialist skill.

Bothof Translations: expert technical translators

Bothof Translations has an extensive network of translators. A network with many translators specialised in various technical fields. Most technical translators have had a technical education. Others have acquired work experience as technical engineers or computer programmers, for example. Due to the technical knowledge and experience of our expert translators, we can always deliver excellent translations.

Quality guarantee

You obviously want the best technical translations. Using specialist translators and dedicated translation software, we provide excellent translations. Our quality system also has ISO 9001 certification, while our translation procedures have ISO 17100 certification. This is a specific, international quality standard for translation companies. For you, this means that:

  • Each translation is checked by a professional reviser.
  • The progress of your assignments is closely monitored.
  • You have a dedicated contact person who you can contact at any time with your questions and/or remarks.
  • You are assured of a transparent complaints procedure.

Different specialist fields

A mistake in a technical text can have far-reaching consequences. So, the translation of a technical text requires professional knowledge and an eye for detail. For the technical translation of your texts, Bothof Translations always uses technical translators who understand your specialist field.

Getting to work on your technical translations

For many years, Bothof Translations has been the translation partner of numerous large organisations in the Netherlands in the technical sector. We are also ready to help you. Please contact us or request a quotation. We will be happy to help you.