Quality has high priority at Bothof Translations. Which is why we were one of the first translation agencies in the Netherlands to obtain ISO 9001 certification. In our sector, we also advocated a more specific standard: the ISO 17100. We continually invest in the development and implementation of a quality management system and the associated procedures. Another reason to choose Bothof Translations.

ISO 9001 in short

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems. This standard sets requirements for the quality management system of an organisation and the way in which the organisation deals with the quality policy for the improvement of customer satisfaction. The aim is quality management and continuous improvement. The standard is used by internal and external parties (such as certification authorities) to assess whether the organisation can meet customer requirements, legislation and regulations, and the requirements of the organisation itself.


ISO 17100 in short

The standard ISO 17100 describes which specific requirements the provider of translation services must meet regarding the deployment of people and resources, quality management, project management, contractual framework and service provision. The requirements of the standard apply to internal business processes of translation agencies and to the qualifications of translators and revisers. In this way, all the steps within the business operations of a translation agency and the translation process are transparent and verifiable.