Technical writing

Your product is not complete unless it is accompanied by adequate technical documentation. Good user manuals, installation instructions and online help will enable end-users to fully benefit from the capabilities and features of your product. The documentation of your products deserves full attention.

Technical writing by professional writers

Technical writing is the writing of user documentation for various purposes. The technical writers at Bothof Translations are specialists in writing crystal clear user documentation, even about very complex equipment, software or processes. With a structured approach and advanced tools, our writers produce user-friendly documentation for all conceivable applications.

The production and management of documentation can be time-consuming and costly. Through our approach, we strive to achieve optimisation and reuse of documentation wherever possible. This ensures significant savings in time and cost in any subsequent adaptation and translation of the texts. This is good to know if you wish to release a new version of your product or serve markets abroad.

Clear, user-friendly documentation

During the development of a new product, the amount of documentation can quickly accumulate. Each stage of the development, from the first draft to the technical design, produces more documentation, whether it concerns a new electronic device or an advanced software application. It can be difficult to maintain an overview.

A technical writer at Bothof gathers and organises all the information available about your product, not only through studying the existing documentation but also through interviews and discussions with the subject matter experts within your organisation.

The technical writer then creates a document design. The actual writing process only takes place after you have approved this. The end result is clear, unambiguous user documentation that will enrich your product.
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