How we work

Every translation or writing assignment is unique.

The language or language combination, the subject, the complexity of the text and the desired deadline are just a few of the factors that play a role. For this reason, Bothof Translations provides a custom quotation for each assignment. However, this does not mean a long wait. Within a few hours after your request, you will receive our clear quotation. So, you always know exactly where you stand.

Not product-focused, but client-centric

At Bothof Translations, we are client-centric, rather than product-focused. We do not maintain average deadlines, for example, but try to think as ambitiously as possible with our customers. Your needs are key to us. Do you wish to have a text translated within a tight deadline into multiple languages simultaneously, for example? We will ensure that you receive all the translations on time. If necessary, we will have translators working on your texts 24 hours a day. If you wish, we can manage the entire project for you, so that you can fully concentrate on your core activities.

We want to get to know you and your organisation as much as possible in order to provide you with the best possible service. For this reason, Bothof Translations will assign a contact person to you with whom you can discuss all your requirements.

An eye for the world around us

An organisation is never alone. At Bothof Translations, we are aware of our social responsibilities. We have established a clear policy for sustainable business, which is embraced by everyone in our organisation. For example, we adhere to the following rules:

Within the organisation:

  • We print as little as possible. We mainly keep digital files of our documentation.
  • We print only on paper with the FSC label and paper for recycling is collected in dedicated containers.
  • We only use ceramic coffee mugs or glass tea mugs.
  • We collect printer cartridges and toners which are collected by a recycling company.
  • We switch off the lights in the evening, as well as all computers and printers, and we close the blinds to keep the heat in.
  • We collect small chemical waste.

When we chose our office location, we considered:

  • The proximity to the train station and bus stops.
  • Accessibility by bicycle and the presence of a bike shed.
  • Easy access to motorways.
  • Safety en route and in the neighbourhood, including lighting.
  • Green surroundings (trees, parks, ditches, open view).

Where mobility is concerned:

  • We restrict ourselves to the necessary number of cars.
  • We mainly use new cars with efficient engines.
  • We use alternative modes of transport wherever possible, such as the train and hire cars.
  • We employee people from the region as much as possible.

Our employees can always rely on:

  • Regular discussions about satisfaction at and with their work.
  • Opportunities for education and training.
  • A lot of time for social events such as drinks, lunches and dinners.