Medical translation

Do you have medical texts or documents that need to be translated? Translating these texts, such as package leaflets, research protocols, instructions for medical equipment and catalogues, is a specialist task. Because the translation must be in clear language and no errors may be made. For that reason, Bothof Translations only works with experienced translators with a medical background.

Medical translation: a specialist field

Medical translation is a specialist field. The medical world has its own terminology, abbreviations and (Latin) terms. In addition, medical texts must often comply with EU guidelines (or those of other countries), and the requirements for medical translations are often more stringent than for other specialist fields.

For that reason, Bothof Translations has an international network of medical translators. For medical translations, we always use specialist medical translators, such as doctors, pharmacologists and medical researchers.

Translators who do not have a medical background must first do a course in medical translating before we use them for medical translations. In this way, we ensure that only translators with specialist knowledge work on medical translations.

Bothof Translations provides quality translations for all medical fields, but is particularly specialised in:

  • Clinical Research
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Medical Devices
  • Animal Health

Medical translation for international registration procedures

The international registration of medicines and medical devices is a complex and lengthy process. Several organisations in different countries are usually involved. For that reason, medical texts and documents must often be translated into different languages,

for which Bothof Translations offers you maximum support. We can simultaneously translate your medical texts into multiple languages – even when it involves more than 25 languages, and without affecting the deadline. If necessary, we can manage the entire project for you, so that your company can focus on its core tasks.

Quality of medical translations: the difference between life and death

If necessary, our medical translators provide translations that meet international regulations and standards. These include the QRD templates from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and terminology as established by the EDQM and in MedDra.

Furthermore, our quality system has ISO 9001 certification, while our translation procedures have ISO 17100 certification. This means, among others, that every medical translation is checked by a reviewer with medical knowledge to guarantee the high quality of the translation.


Do you have any questions, or would you like to request a translation? We will be pleased to assist you, so don’t hesitate to contact us.