Financial translation

Are you a finance professional engaged in the financial administration of companies abroad? Is your organisation planning to publish an annual report for the past year for international stakeholders? Or do you want to be able to offer contracts in multiple languages?

The financial world has its own unique terminology. You therefore want to have your financial documents translated by an expert translator who is familiar with the financial world. Only then will you get the excellent translation you need.

Financial translation: a specialist task

Debtor or creditor? Assets or liabilities? Bull or bear, put or call? In the financial world, many English and American terms are used in other languages as well. Furthermore, there are many specialist abbreviations and expressions. When translating financial documents, accuracy is therefore key and in-depth knowledge of financial and economic terms is vital.

At Bothof Translations, you don’t need to explain anything to our financial translators, because we only work with specialised translators. Our translators are specialised in various financial fields. Moreover, besides their translation qualifications, they often have relevant specialist qualifications too.

For the financial translation of your text, Bothof Translations also uses the same financial specialist translators to revise and correct your translations. This means that your texts are carefully checked, and you are assured of faultless translations.

Documents that we often translate for clients:

  • annual reports
  • contracts
  • investment prospectuses
  • business and economic analyses
  • budgets
  • investment documents


A document with financial information often contains confidential data, such as turnover, profit statistics or prognoses. It is therefore important to work with a reputable translation agency.

It goes without saying that the translation of your financial texts will be treated in the strictest confidence. All our employees have signed a confidentiality agreement. We are also willing to work with a confidentiality agreement drawn up by you. You can therefore confidently leave your translation to us.

The standards of Bothof Translations

At Bothof Translations, we have very high standards. We therefore only work with experienced and qualified translators who all translate into their native language. We also monitor the quality of our services through fixed procedures and a streamlined quality system. To enforce our quality guarantee, our processes and translation standards also have ISO certification.

We help you further

Do you want to work with us for the translation of your financial document(s)? Request a quotation via our quotation tool. Any questions? If so, please contact us. We will be happy to help you!