Interpreting services

Do you need an interpreter? Bothof Translations provides interpreting services for every occasion, from a one-on-one conversation with just two discussion partners to international congresses with speakers in many languages. We always select the most suitable interpreter for you. Thanks to our network of interpreters, we can always provide an interpreter with the required language knowledge and familiarity with the terminology of your field.

Interpreting services for every situation

It is important to determine in advance the type of situation for which the interpreting service is required:

Congresses, conferences and other large-scale events

For international events with participants from many countries, we provide interpreters who are specialised in simultaneous interpreting: interpreting while the speaker delivers his speech. The interpreter usually sits in a booth and interprets the message into a microphone. The participants hear the interpretation through headphones.

Notary public

Formal documents are often read out loud by the notary. For this situation, we provide interpreters who are specialised in the legal terminology of the original language and the target language. Our notary interpreters have a legal background and are sworn in at the Bureau btv (Bureau for Sworn Interpreters and Translators).

Small-scale events

For smaller events, such as meetings or presentations, equipment is often not required. The speaker and the interpreter take turns: the speaker speaks a few sentences and waits while the interpreter immediately interprets. This is also known as consecutive interpreting.

Discussions, interviews and hearings

In discussions with a limited number of participants, such as interviews, job interviews or hearings, the interpreter acts as a medium between the discussion participants. Equipment is not required in these situations. For official situations, such as interrogations by the police or interviews by the immigration service, the interpreter is generally required to be sworn in.

Equipment and interpreter booths

Bothof Translations can also provide the necessary equipment. If required, we can arrange the hiring of microphones, headphones, interpreter booths and interpreter bidules (a portable interpreting system).

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