Interpreting services

Do you need an interpreter? For example, because you are organising an international conference or planning a business meeting with one or more international partners? ‘Just hiring an interpreter’ is not usually as simple as it seems. Several questions usually arise:

  • What interpreting method do you need?
  • How do you know who is a suitable interpreter for your event?
  • What interpreting equipment do you need and how do you organise that?
  • How do you agree the prior conditions?

Bespoke interpreting services

The interpreting services of Bothof Translations make life easy for you. We do this by providing bespoke interpreting services. Our interpreting department always selects the most suitable interpreter. Thanks to our global network of interpreters, we can always provide an interpreter with the required language knowledge and who is familiar with the terminology of your field. We are based in Nijmegen, but we provide our interpreting services all over the Netherlands.

Interpreting services for every situation

From one-on-one conversations to international congresses with speakers in many languages, we provide interpreters for any occasion. It is important to determine in advance the circumstances in which the interpreting service is required.

Congresses, conferences and other large-scale events

For international events with participants from many countries, we provide interpreters who are specialised in simultaneous interpreting. The interpreter interprets whilst the speaker is still speaking.

The interpreter usually interprets the message into a microphone. The participants then hear the interpretation through headphones. In some cases, one (or more) booths are required. The interpreting department of Bothof Translations supplies the booth(s) and other equipment.

Meetings and presentations

For smaller events, such as meetings or presentations, consecutive interpreting is chosen. In consecutive interpreting, the speaker and the interpreter take turns. The speaker speaks a few sentences, and the interpreter then interprets. Often, no equipment is required.

Sometimes, a whispering interpreter is chosen for small meetings. A whispering interpreter whispers the translation into the recipient’s ear. If more distance needs to be maintained, or if several people need a translation, a whispering set is used, consisting of a microphone and headphones.

Notary public

Formal documents are often read out loud by the notary. For this situation, we provide interpreters who are specialised in legal terminology. Our notary interpreters have a legal background and are sworn in at the Bureau for Sworn Interpreters and Translators (Bureau Wbtv). Notary interpreters usually use consecutive interpreting without equipment.

Discussions, interviews and hearings

In discussions with a limited number of participants, such as interviews, job interviews or hearings, the interpreter acts as a medium between the discussion participants. Equipment is not required in these situations. For official situations, such as interrogations by the police or interviews by the immigration service, our interpreting department usually supplies a sworn interpreter.

An interpreter for every language

Bothof Translations supplies interpreting services for every language. Obviously, we supply interpreting services for the most requested languages, such as English, German, French, Chinese, Polish, Russian and Arabic. However, we also have interpreters for less requested languages like Farsi, Japanese or Somali.

Equipment and interpreter booths

Obviously, Bothof Translations also provides the necessary equipment. If required, we can arrange the hiring of microphones, headphones, interpreter booths and interpreter bidules (a portable interpreting system).

Would you like to know more about the interpreting services of Bothof Translations? Please contact one of our account managers or request a no-obligation quotation.

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