Technical translations

The translation of a technical text requires professional knowledge and an eye for detail. For this reason, we only assign your technical texts to specialist technical translators who are familiar with your field.

Specialists in technical translation

Are you looking for an expert service provider for your technical translation assignment? Bothof Translations emerged in 1972 from the technical translation department of Philips, resulting in more than 40 years’ experience in technical translation.
We work exclusively with technical translators who have a proven knowledge of at least one technical field. Most of them have had a technical education. Others, for example, have acquired work experience as technical engineers or computer programmers.
Our pool of translators is substantial (more than 3,000 translators worldwide). This enables us to select the right translator for each field of expertise and each text, even extremely complex, specialist texts.

The advantages of computer-aided translation tools

Our translators use the latest translation software to translate your technical texts. This offers considerable advantages, especially when we carry out assignments for you on a regular basis:

  • Recurring text segments only need to be translated once. Each translation assignment is included in a customer-specific translation memory and can be reused at any given moment.
  • The translation memory ensures that your texts are always translated in the same way. You will therefore always have consistent, unambiguous translations.
  • Do you have preferred translations for certain terms? Please let us know. We record preferred translations in a so-called terminology database.
  • The use of translation software offers significant savings in time and costs in the translation of your texts.

Top quality technical translation

Do you wish to be assured of receiving the very best technical translation? Together with our specialist translators and dedicated translation software, we provide excellent translations. But that’s not all.

The quality management system of Bothof Translations has ISO 9001 certification. Our translation procedures are certified in accordance with ISO 17100, which is the specific quality standard for translation agencies. What does this mean for you?

  • Each translation is checked by a professional reviser.
  • The progress of your assignments is closely monitored.
  • You have a dedicated contact person whom you can contact at any time with your questions and/or remarks.
  • Are you unhappy with the end result of an assignment? We take every complaint or remark very seriously. You can be assured of a transparent complaints procedure.

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