Marketing translations

The tone and style of marketing texts are as important as the actual content. These texts are therefore translated by specialist translators with knowledge of marketing who transform your text into a smoothly readable translation with the same strength and fluency as the original.

Marketing translation: more than just a translation

The nuances are important in international marketing and communication. A successful commercial message in one country can be completely counterproductive in another. The marketing translators at Bothof Translations not only have a fluent pen but also a keen eye for the cultural and social aspects of your marketing message. We will be happy to assist you with your international marketing messages.

Copy translation

We have an interesting option for the translation of your marketing texts: the copy translation. First of all, your marketing text is translated by a marketing translator. Subsequently, the translation is revamped by a copywriter. The result is a very natural, easy-to-read text that feels as if it had been written in the target language but with all the commercial strength of the original text.

We meet your deadlines

Deadlines are generally short in advertising and PR. At Bothof Translations, you know that you can rely on receiving the translations on time. Within a few hours of receiving your request, you will receive our custom quote. Is your marketing translation of the utmost urgency? Please mention this in your request. We will provide a suitable solution. If necessary, we will work day and night on the translation of your texts.

Strictly confidential!

We keep every translation project confidential. All our employees have signed a confidentiality agreement and they are fully aware that your documents are confidential. If you would like to have extra certainty, we are more than willing to sign a confidentiality agreement drawn up by you.


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