Financial translations

Not everyone is able to understand financial or economic texts. The financial world is a field with its own unique terminology. It not only uses many specialist English and American terms, but also acronyms, expressions and other idioms. It is therefore good to know that Bothof Translations assigns specialist financial translators to translate your financial texts.

Bothof: expert in the financial translation of your text

Debtor or creditor? Assets or liabilities? Bull or bear, put or call? You do not need to explain anything to the financial translators at Bothof Translations. They provide accurate, good translations of your texts. Furthermore, Bothof Translations appoints experienced financial revisers to carefully check the translation of your financial texts. In fact, you do not have to worry at all about the quality of your translation: the quality management system of Bothof Translations is ISO certified. Our translation procedures meet the international standard ISO 17100.

Fast and flexible

In principle, you will receive a custom quote for every translation request within two hours of receipt of your request. When we provide translations for you on a regular basis, it may be an attractive option for you to conclude a framework agreement with us. Our project managers will ensure that your assignment is returned on time – even a translation into multiple languages at the same time.

Strictly confidential!

It goes without saying that the translation of your texts will be treated in the strictest confidence. All our employees have signed a confidentiality agreement. We are also willing to work with a confidentiality agreement drawn up by you.

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  • > Native speaker translators
  • > Full-service project management
  • > Tailored service
  • > ISO 9001 and 17100 certified

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