Legal translations

The translation of a legal text requires professional knowledge, accuracy and an eye for detail. After all, a mistranslation in a legal text can have major consequences. That is why Bothof Translations only works with specialist legal translators who translate into their native language. We can translate your legal documents from and into any language.

Moreover, many of our legal translators are registered as sworn translators with various courts in the Netherlands. These translators have often combined a language study with a law study or they have followed the postgraduate Legal Translation course at the SIGV (Association of SIGV Court Interpreters and Legal Translators).

Legal translation for all fields

We provide translations for, among others, the following legal fields: labour law, consumer law, inheritance law, European law, insolvency law, monetary claims, personal injury, business law, the law of persons and family law, social security law and immigration law.

On the pages below you will find further information about our translations for the following fields:

Quality guarantee

The translation procedures of Bothof Translations are certified in accordance with the European standard EN 15038. Our quality management system has ISO 9001 certification. Every legal translation is checked by a professional reviser for accuracy, style, terminology, completeness, spelling, rendering of nuances, etc.

Needless to say, as an experienced translation agency, we work with the latest technologies. Apart from the familiar hardback dictionaries, we also consult online dictionaries and databases. Furthermore, Bothof Translations has created its own terminology database for various legal fields.

Legal translation: sworn translations and Apostilles

As a lawyer, you will probably need sworn translations on occasion. Bothof Translations can also provide this service for you. Our file of specialist legal translators includes many sworn translators for the European languages, but we also provide sworn translations for exotic languages like Russian, Chinese or Farsi.

We can also get an Apostille for your translations. If a country is not included in the Apostille Convention, we can also organise the entire legalisation process for you, also known as the “Round trip The Hague”. You can read more about this service on this page.

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