Financial law

Financial-legal texts are notoriously difficult. The combination of legal and financial terminology does not make it easy to understand financial-legal texts – even when the reader has an excellent command of the language in which the text is written.

The translation of financial-legal texts places high demands on the translator. The translator requires a thorough knowledge of the professional language and jargon of both fields – in two languages!

The financial-legal experts of Bothof

Good financial-legal translators are few and far between, but not impossible to find. Thanks to a targeted, efficient selection policy, we provide excellent financial-legal translations for every widely used language combination.
Before a translator is allowed to work for Bothof Translations as a financial-legal translator, he or she must take a competence test in the form of a test translation. In addition, the education and work experience of the translator is important. For the translation of your financial-legal texts, we appoint translators who have:

  • Successfully completed a legal or financial study
  • Have gained extensive work experience in a legal or financial position

Accurate, fast and reliable

We treat your texts with the utmost care. Each translation is carefully checked by a professional financial-legal reviser. The quality procedures of Bothof Translations meet the strict standards of ISO 9001.

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