Business law

Where it legal texts are concerned, it’s all about the small print. If your organisation operates at an international level, the small print is all too often written in a foreign language. How do you ensure that you know exactly where you stand with your international partners?

Bothof Translations: your translation partner

Bothof Translations works with legal translators who are familiar with business law. They have acquired work experience as company lawyers or have completed specialised education and training programmes in this field. Thanks to our extensive international network of translators, we can provide legal translators for virtually every language combination.

Certainty concerning international agreements

When your business legal texts are translated through Bothof Translations, you can be certain of receiving correct translations, even of complicated legal documents.

Here are some examples of documents that we translate:

  • Supplier contracts
  • Deeds of Incorporation of private limited companies
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Due Diligence reports
  • Strategic plans

Would you like to know more about the business legal translation services at Bothof Translations? Please contact one of our account managers. They will be happy to tell you more about this service and other services provided by Bothof Translations.

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