Construction/civil engineering

The technical translators at Bothof Translations have experience with most of the documents used in construction and civil engineering: building regulations, design documents, safety instructions for the building location, environmental impact reports, etc. Thanks to professional experience and further education, our translators have a thorough knowledge of the technical terminology and documentation requirements that apply to your field.

Reliable and accurate

When you outsource the translation of documents to a translation partner, you want to be certain that you will receive reliable translations. A mistranslation can have major consequences.

Bothof Translations is a long-established specialist in technical translation and knows how important thorough quality control is to its clients. That is why our services have double certification: Bothof Translations has ISO 9001 and EN 15038 certification.

What does this mean for you in practice? First of all, you are assured that the translated text has been thoroughly checked by a professional reviser with knowledge of your field. Furthermore, you have the guarantee that the structure of our organisation meets all European requirements applicable to translation agencies. In other words: you can rely on well thought out translation procedures, professional translators and the use of advanced software. Last but not least, the ISO certification provides assurance that quality management at Bothof Translations meets internationally accepted standards.

Experience in the various fields

We always strive to create long-term business relationships. The more we know about an organisation, the better we can tailor our services to the specific needs of that organisation. This approach has not been unsuccessful: Bothof Translations is the translation partner of many large organisations in the Netherlands in the construction and civil engineering sectors.

Why choose for Bothof?

– Native speaker translators

– Full-service project management

– Tailored service

– ISO 9001 en 17100 certified

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