The constant growth of the world’s population requires a more sustainable, but also higher production. At the same time, the modern consumer wants to have affordable, healthy and delicious food. The agricultural sector in the Netherlands makes an important contribution to the struggle to meet these significant challenges.

New methods for food safety

Biotechnology, genomics and engineering offer innovative solutions for the international food issues. New insights into nutrition have also arisen within the traditional and organic farming sectors. The production of food is subject to strict legislation and regulations, so that consumers can be certain of the safety of their food. Food safety is very important for the agricultural sector. Numerous scientific articles are issued on this subject each year, and they have more than once brought about a further tightening of the rules and regulations for the international trade in food products.

Excellent translations for the trade in food

The trade in agricultural food products is therefore accompanied by extensive documentation, including export licences, health certificates and mandatory packaging texts. Good translations are essential in this regard. In fact, they are so essential that the government provides subsidies for this. If your organisation or company is active in this sector, Bothof Translations is the best choice for your translations.

Thanks to our many years of experience in translating agricultural and technical documents, our translators are more than up to date on the latest developments in the food sector and the agricultural and horticultural sector. Our large pool of extremely skilled translators for virtually all language combinations enables us to provide high-quality translations of all your documents.

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