The Netherlands is an international leader when it comes to inventing and implementing new techniques for the agricultural sector, such as stable management systems, milking robots and navigation systems for arable farming.

The high-tech farm

A good example of these innovations is the use of highly accurate GPS technology for precision agriculture. It is now possible to accurately sow, fertilise and harvest to the exact centimetre. Another development is the extensive automation of livestock housing: the animals are automatically fed with the correct amount of feed per animal. Cows are milked by a robot when they choose to be milked. During milking, the robot checks the quality of the milk and determines the presence of pathogens.

The cleaning of the housing and the disposal of manure is also carried out by computer-controlled robots.
This modern equipment and software ensure higher efficiency, improved returns and more sustainability. The installation, maintenance and use of this equipment and software require extensive documentation: from assembly guidelines and user instructions to safety sheets, online help texts and environmental reports.

The best translators for technical texts

The translation of these complex technical texts requires a translation agency that is very well acquainted with the material. Bothof Translations has extensive experience in translating technical texts for the agricultural sector, such as manuals for agricultural machinery and help texts for the control software of automated systems. We maintain high standards when selecting our translators. Not only do they have an affinity and experience with the agricultural sector, they also have thorough knowledge in the field of technology and automation.

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