Agriculture and horticulture

The Netherlands is the second largest exporter worldwide in the field of agriculture and horticulture. This sector exports vegetables, fruit and flowers, but also highly advanced technologies, such as genomics, energy-saving systems and installations for CO2 reduction.

An international sector

This makes agriculture and horticulture an international sector par excellence. A sector in which clear communication is an absolute must. After all, you deal with communication in many different areas, including written communication with your trading partners across the border, marketing information for foreign markets and administrative communication with import-export authorities.

In such an environment, it is good to know there is a translation agency that understands you and can translate your message in the right way.

We translate all your agricultural documents

Bothof Translations has extensive experience in translating texts for the agricultural and horticultural sector. We translate a significant amount of agricultural trade literature, such as research reports, trade journals and congress reports. In addition, we have translators who specialise in marketing texts, such as brochures, websites and other forms of commercial promotion. The same applies to formal documents such as export papers, trade contracts and supply agreements.

Translators who know what’s what

Our translators are up to date on the latest developments in the agricultural and horticultural sector. In addition to an education in linguistics, they often have an agricultural background from which they have acquired in-depth knowledge of the terminology and the techniques used in your field.

This enables us to provide high quality translations that meet your requirements at all times, whether it concerns an export licence for seed potatoes, labels for the packaging of seeds, or a complicated user manual for an automated storage and cooling system.

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