Painless and fast translation of InDesign documents

Do you sometimes need to have InDesign documents translated? Then you will certainly be aware that this is a complex process. The texts must first be exported and converted to a different file format, such as Word. After the texts are translated, they have to be reconverted and imported, after which the translated documents have to be checked for formatting errors. With each conversion step (and there are four!), there is always the risk of errors.

There is another way

For a leading multinational in consumer electronics, we translated a large catalogue of air conditioning systems into 9 languages. This catalogue was entirely prepared in InDesign. Despite the complex structure of the documents, we were able to deliver within a very short deadline, and still manage to practically retain the layout of the documents in the translations.

How? With sophisticated translation software

An InDesign document can be directly converted to IDML, a file format containing all the formatting information and texts of the document. Bothof Translations has sophisticated translation software that is fully compatible with IDML. Because IDML is a ‘native’ InDesign format, we actually translate directly in InDesign.

All texts in the right place, in the right format

We will not bore you further with the underlying technique. What is important is:

  • We translate your InDesign documents in an InDesign file format.
  • Simultaneous translation into multiple languages
  • All texts are immediately in the right place, even in complex documents with an abundance of information, such as catalogues
  • Retention of the existing layout. After translation all that remains is a final check (which we naturally, also carry out for you)
  • The translated and checked documents are immediately ready for printing


1,400,000 technical words translated within 2 months

Our client in the maritime sector required a Dutch-English translation of a large number of documents for ships. These involved piles of manuals, maintenance instructions, process descriptions and other technical documents. The total number of words was 1.4 million. And whether we could have them translated in less than two months…

Many hands make light work

Such a large project requires customisation. We assembled a dedicated team of two project managers, twelve specialist technical translators and eight revisers. Our client provided a team of experts to give technical assistance to the translation team.

Speed – while maintaining quality

When you work with so many translators at the same time, there is a risk of inconsistent translation. This problem was resolved through the use of sophisticated translation software. For maximum quality, we held daily feedback rounds with the client. Weekly progress consultations took place and the terminology was managed in close cooperation with the client´s experts.

The final result: top quality translations, completed within the agreed deadline.


Translation partner for the international market

A leading client in the food industry expanded its operating territory to include Asia and Eastern Europe. Bothof Translations is the preferred translation partner of this successful organisation and provides support in many areas. Obviously, we were involved in these plans at a very early stage.

From websites to packaging texts

For this client, we translate all kinds of documents and texts, including corporate and business-to-business communication, such as brochures for trade fairs, tenders and annual reports. But we also translate consumer information, such as packaging texts, web texts and folders for this client.

Translations to many languages

Our client works with many languages in its operating territory, from Chinese, Japanese and Thai to Romanian, Hungarian and Czech (to mention just a few examples).

Bothof Translations works closely with more than three thousand translators worldwide and provides translations for every language combination. As a result, and through efficient project management and certified quality management, our client can always rely on the timely delivery of high quality translations, for every language combination and for all kinds of texts.

As you can see, Bothof Translations is much more than ‘the small agency around the corner’. Would you like to receive advice in the field of internationalisation of your company? Our Account managers will be happy to tell you more.