Sworn translator

A sworn translator is registered in the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators or in a foreign version of the register. Translators must meet specific professional requirements in order to be registered. For example, every sworn translator must have completed a language programme at a level equivalent to a bachelor’s degree.

In most cases, a sworn translator is required for the translation of official documents. This certainly applies when the translated document must be valid in the country for which it is intended. In the latter case, legalisation is also often required.

Many language combinations

Bothof Translations has a large international network of translators. This enables us to provide sworn translators for most language combinations. Our sworn translators are not only registered in the Rbtv, they also have in-depth knowledge of the legal profession which they have acquired through education and/or work experience.


If a translated document has to be legally valid, it must be legalised. If a country is a party to the Apostille Convention, the procedure is relatively easy. However, if a country is not a party to the Apostille Convention, legalisation can be a time-consuming process. Many institutions such as ministries, embassies and courts of law may have to be involved in the legalisation process.

Bothof Translations will be happy to manage the entire legalisation process for you. For more information, please visit the page Apostille and legalisation.

Sworn translator – Quality management

Your sworn translation is always checked by a professional reviser who, like the translator, has a thorough knowledge of the legal terminology of both languages.

Proof of sworn translation

How can you tell that a text has been translated by a sworn translator? A sworn translator certifies each translation with an official stamp. The round stamp contains the national coat of arms. Along the edges are the name and the Wbtv (Sworn Court Interpreters and Translators Act) number of the translator. This number can be verified on the website of the Rbtv.

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