Notarial law

Notarial documents have an immediate effect on the daily lives of people and organisations. For private individuals this may involve buying a house, preparing a prenuptial agreement or the settlement of a will. Companies and other organisations are also regularly in contact with the notary public. This may involve articles of association and deeds of incorporation of private limited companies, terms and conditions or other notarised agreements.

Translation of notarial texts

If you would like to have your notarial texts translated, it is important that you select an expert legal translation partner. The formal meaning and scope of notarial documents must be retained in the translation. To put it even more strongly: the meaning of the translated text must be identical to that of the original text.

This is the greatest challenge – even for professional translators – when translating notarial texts.

Professional legal translators

The legal translators at Bothof Translations have made their mark in the field of translation of notarial texts. We work with translators who – through education or work experience – have in-depth knowledge of the legal terminology used in notarial texts. Thanks to active recruitment, we have now established a wide international network of legal translators, enabling us to provide excellent notarial translations for all widely used language combinations.

Types of documents

We translate, among others, the following documents:

  • Mortgage deeds
  • Articles of Association
  • Deeds of Incorporation
  • Testaments
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Deeds of Incorporation of private limited companies and other types of legal entities
  • Deeds of Transfer
  • Merger contracts
  • Powers of Attorney

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