Apostille and legalisation

Legalisation is the process whereby the validity of documents is officially confirmed. A translated document is not legally valid until it has been legalised in the country for which it is intended. The legalisation process is not the same for all documents and countries.

Sworn translation

If you would like to have a translation legalised, the original text generally needs to have been translated by a sworn translator. In the Netherlands, this is a translator who is registered in the Rbtv (Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators). For more information, please visit the page: Sworn translator.


The legalisation of a document could involve many parties, such as courts of law, ministries of internal affairs, foreign affairs and justice. For some countries, a visit to the embassy will be required. Only a physical document, meaning a paper version, can be legalised. The many institutions involved in the legalisation of documents make it a lengthy and time-consuming process.


If the countries involved are a party to the Apostille Convention, a considerably shorter legalisation procedure can be followed. In the Netherlands, the district court may issue an Apostille, making the document legally valid. In this case, a visit to the court is necessary.

Legalisation through Bothof Translations

Bothof Translations will be happy to manage the entire legalisation process for you. We will have your text translated by a sworn translator, after which we will ensure that all the required stamps and approvals of all the organisations involved are acquired.
The only thing that you need to do is to deliver the source text for translation. We will take care of the translation and the legalisation. You will receive a legalised translation on paper, which is immediately valid in the country for which the text is intended.
Would you like to know more? Please contact one of our account managers to learn more about Apostille and legalisation.

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