Animal husbandry

Sustainability, animal welfare and food safety are just some of the subjects that play a large role in international animal husbandry. The Dutch livestock sector develops innovative, high-tech solutions, such as biogas plants, automated milking and feeding systems and new concepts like the Roundel housing system and agroparks.

The farmer of the future is already here

The modern farmer is increasingly becoming the farm manager: a manager who works with the most advanced technologies. These innovations ensure that animal husbandry in the Netherlands has a high international reputation. The Netherlands is therefore one of the biggest exporters of livestock products such as meat, fish and eggs. However, there is also great international interest for Dutch technology, breeding programmes and methods for genetic improvement.

The best translations of your documents

Animal husbandry is subject to strict legislation and regulations at European and international level. International trade and export in animals and animal products is therefore accompanied by large volumes of documentation, such as vaccination papers, export licences and health certificates.
Bothof Translations is your ideal partner for the translation of all this documentation. Our translators have extensive experience in the translation of official documents for the animal husbandry sector. We can also translate highly technical texts from and into every conceivable language.

Commercial texts

In addition, we also translate your marketing texts, such as websites, brochures and factsheets. We appoint specialist translators to do this for you. They have a thorough knowledge of animal husbandry and its techniques and methods. These translators ensure that your texts retain the same creative and commercial strength after translation as in the original document.

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